Christmas Walk, Oxwich Bay – 30/12/2017

Christmas Get-together & Beach Walk

Oxwich Bay, Gower – Saturday 30th December 2017

The weather forecast promised us a window of fine but overcast weather for the morning of the walk, with the rain arriving at 2pm but you should never trust a weather forecaster.

The weather was OK as everyone started to arrive at the Oxwich Bay Hotel for a pre-walk cup of coffee and thankfully the rain held off as we gathered for the inevitable group photo.

However, as we left the warm comfort of the hotel’s coffee lounge and headed off down to the beach the heavens opened and whipped up by the strong wind we were all quite quickly soaked.

Of course, none of the Welsh Springers cared a jot and they all bounded in and out of the waves so the rain had no effect on them at all. As we continued following the waterline the rain eased off and we were able to enjoy chatting about all things Welshies while the dogs just enjoyed racing around in their usual maniacal manner.

It was a very successful outing with nearly 40 people and 30 dogs turning out. As the photos below show, it’s proof yet again that it takes more than a spot of rain to dampen a Welshie owner’s enthusiasm for getting out and enjoying the beautiful coastline we have here in South Wales.

Can’t wait till the next Welshie Dog Walk – probably in March – look out for announcements on our website and Facebook page.


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