Christmas Walk, Oxwich Bay – 29/12/19

For the fifth year we held our Christmas get together at Oxwich Bay on the Gower peninsula, Swansea – we obviously like it there – we know the dogs do.

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Again there were almost 40 humans and over 30 dogs. We had our customary cup of coffee at the Oxwich Bay Hotel before all lining up for the obligatory group photo.

If you count the Welshies in the group photo you’ll find 21 and 7 others, but there were quite a few still in the cars or arrived a bit later.

After a few weeks of miserable wet weather, the day turned out fine, dry and not too cold.

The tide was on its way out as we started out on our walk giving us plenty of room for the dogs to race around and of course there were plenty who wanted to go crazy splashing through the waves.

There were a few new faces with us this year and we hope they enjoyed joining in the fun – maybe we’ll see you at the next organised walk in the spring. We also had a few other breeds who became honorary Welshies for the day.

All the dogs were very well behaved and proved to be a great advert for the breed and it was nice to get compliments from other beach users as they admired the spectacle of so many Welshies in one place.

After the walk, and with the dogs dried off and snoozing happily in the back of our cars, we drove on to the King Arthur Hotel in Reynoldston for our post-walk meal – we had more in our group than we had booked space for and as there was also a large wedding going on there, we didn’t manage to all eat together – but nonetheless it was a great meal and it rounded the day off quite nicely and I, for one, can’t wait to do it all again next year.

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