Parc Cwm Darran Walk – 28/07/18

In the weeks leading up to our planned picnic and dog walk at Parc Cwm Darran we experienced one of the hottest summers for many years. The heatwave was not very good for our dogs at all and as a consequence not many members were due to turn up.

But as it turned out the summer’s heatwave ended with a vengeance and we were greeted with thunderstorms and hailstones.

The few hardy souls who turned up persevered through the storms and we had a lovely walk around the forestry roads and the lakes, and the dogs didn’t complain about the cooler weather.

At the end, instead of our planned picnic, we all descended on the cafe at the visitor centre and cowered away from the rain that was now bouncing off the pavements.

A good time was had by all despite the inclement weather and the dogs were certainly glad to get a dip in the cooling waters of Cwm Darran.

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